Creates a XML tarot report.

All fields starting with P1- need to be duplicated and changed to P2- to add a second person for relationship reports.

Request Parameters
ReportCodeRequiredDefines which report is to be created.  The ReportCode is part of the service address.


APIKeyRequiredA valid API Key for your user account. Provided in setup email
P1FirstNameRequiredFirst name for person
P1LastNameOptionalLast name for person
P1SexRequiredSingle letter code :
M for male,  F for female
TarotCardsRequiredTarot Codes, separated by /

Example 4CU/2WU/0MR

OrderIDOptionalYour own order ID, add if you want to track your orders against our billing system.
CodeCode representing errors see result codes to determine the error.
MessageDescription of the error
XMLXML Tarot report.

CreateTarotXML Result codes

Positive result code indicates success, negative shows a failure.

Success Codes

1       OK – Created report

Input Errors – Person 1

-11      Error – Missing first name
-12      Error – Sex not provided or invalid

Input Errors – Person 2

-21      Error – Person 2 – Missing first name
-22      Error – Person 2 – Sex not provided or invalid

Action Errors

-31    Error – Invalid or Expired ReportID

API Key Errors

-41      Error – Missing API Key
-42     Error – Invalid or expired API Key

Tarot Card Errors

-61      Error – Incorrect Amount of Tarot Cards Selected
-62    Error – Invalid Tarot Card

System Errors

-91      Error – System error – retry later.

Example Request

Creating a short XML report for the following birth details:
First Name : John
Last Name : Smith
Sex : Male

In this example 3-PASFUT is the ReportCode


Example Response

<CreateTarotXMLResponse xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
<AdditionalData i:nil="true"/>
<Message>OK - Created report</Message>