Astrology Webservice v2.0 Methods

HTTPS is required for all API methods.

These methods are accessible via a GET request:

You will be provided with the required URL for our webservice with your setup email.

CreateReport/v2/reports/CreateReportCreates both HTML and PDF astrology reports.
CheckLocation/v2/atlas/CheckLocationValidates a city/town against our database, returns a unique LocationCode for the exact city/town.
CreatePDF/v2/reports/{REPORTCODE}/CreatePDFCreates a PDF astrology report.
CreateXML/v2/reports/{REPORTCODE}/CreateXMLCreates a XML astrology report.
CreateShortPDF/v2/reports/{REPORTCODE}/CreateShortPDFCreate short PDF report, with reduced birth data requirements.
CreateShortXML/v2/reports/{REPORTCODE}/CreateShortXMLCreate short XML report, with reduced birth data requirements.
CreateShortHTML/v2/reports/{REPORTCODE}/CreateShortHTMLCreate short HTML report, with reduced birth data requirements.

Tarot Methods

CreateTarotXML/v2/reports/CreateTarotXMLCreates Tarot XML reports.